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Info Hash:
  1. Read First.txt378 bytes
  2. Dvd.ttf62.18 KB
  3. Build AGI/Building text only.ec483.81 KB
  4. Trigger/trigger master.ec486.31 KB
  5. Armorer/2015 base.jpg90.46 KB
  6. Armorer/2015 Text only.ec491.44 KB
  7. AGI other dvds/Cowboy Shooting.ec4170.94 KB
  8. Trigger/Pro trigger.ec4178.76 KB
  9. AGI other dvds/Practical Gunsmithing 1.ec4178.86 KB
  10. AGI other dvds/Practical Gunsmithing 2.ec4178.86 KB
  11. Trigger/M1 garand trigger.ec4186.48 KB
  12. Trigger/sks trigger.ec4187.17 KB
  13. Trigger/win 70 trigger.ec4187.68 KB
  14. Trigger/Ruger 10 22 trigger.ec4187.70 KB
  15. Trigger/AR15 trigger.ec4187.86 KB
  16. Trigger/AK 47 trigger.ec4191.66 KB
  17. Build AGI/Build KIT MASTER.ec4195.47 KB
  18. AGI other dvds/Slow rust Nitre.ec4197.77 KB
  19. AGI other dvds/Pillar bedding.ec4197.80 KB
  20. Milling disc/mill 1.ec4198.50 KB
  21. Milling disc/mill 4.ec4198.50 KB
  22. Milling disc/mill 2.ec4198.51 KB
  23. Milling disc/mill 3.ec4198.51 KB
  24. Milling disc/mill 5.ec4198.52 KB
  25. Milling disc/mill 6.ec4198.53 KB
  26. AGI other dvds/Heat Treat Steel.ec4199.47 KB
  27. AGI other dvds/Buying Scopes.ec4199.67 KB
  28. AGI other dvds/Buying Collecting used guns.ec4199.73 KB
  29. AGI other dvds/Long Range Shooting.ec4201.40 KB
  30. AGI other dvds/Handloading Long Range Shooter.ec4203.70 KB
  31. Build AGI/M1 garand Build best.ec4205.63 KB
  32. AGI other dvds/Rebarrel Tuning M98 - 1.ec4231.47 KB
  33. AGI other dvds/Rebarrel Tuning M98 - 2.ec4231.47 KB
  34. Build AGI/Build M98 pt1.ec4236.61 KB
  35. Build AGI/Build M98 pt2.ec4236.64 KB
  36. Build AGI/Build AR15 2016.ec4240.15 KB
  37. Armorer/Springfield XD Pistol.ec4240.92 KB
  38. Armorer/HK USP Pistols.ec4240.93 KB
  39. Armorer/CZ52 Pistols.ec4241.41 KB
  40. Build AGI/Build M1 Garand 2016.ec4241.46 KB
  41. Armorer/Taurus Revolvers.ec4241.77 KB
  42. Armorer/Walther PPK.ec4241.95 KB
  43. Armorer/Glock.ec4242.01 KB
  44. Armorer/Fn FAL.ec4242.05 KB
  45. Armorer/Mauser 98 Rifles.ec4242.08 KB
  46. Armorer/Rem 870 Shotgun.ec4242.19 KB
  47. Armorer/Beretta 92 Pistols.ec4242.37 KB
  48. Armorer/Mossberg 500 Shotguns.ec4242.41 KB
  49. Armorer/Browning A5 Shotgun.ec4242.54 KB
  50. Armorer/SIG Auto Pistols.ec4242.58 KB
  51. Armorer/Luger.ec4242.86 KB
  52. Armorer/Ruger 10 22.ec4242.94 KB
  53. Armorer/Colt SA.ec4242.99 KB
  54. Armorer/Makarov Pistols.ec4243.02 KB
  55. Armorer/SKS.ec4243.06 KB
  56. Armorer/Browning Hi Power Pistol.ec4243.10 KB
  57. Armorer/SW Auto Pistols.ec4243.18 KB
  58. Armorer/Win 1894.ec4243.26 KB
  59. Armorer/Rem 1100 Shotgun.ec4243.38 KB
  60. Armorer/CZ75 EAA Pistols.ec4243.51 KB
  61. Armorer/AR15.ec4243.54 KB
  62. Armorer/M1 Carbine.ec4243.65 KB
  63. Armorer/Win 97 Shotgun.ec4243.67 KB
  64. Armorer/Win 12 Shotgun.ec4243.73 KB
  65. Armorer/Ruger SA.ec4243.81 KB
  66. Build AGI/Build G3 Kit 2015.ec4243.83 KB
  67. Armorer/Hi Standard Auto Pistols.ec4243.85 KB
  68. Armorer/M1 Garand.ec4244.11 KB
  69. Armorer/Ruger Standard Auto 22.ec4244.14 KB
  70. Build AGI/Build AK 2016.ec4244.20 KB
  71. Armorer/S&W Revolvers.ec4244.37 KB
  72. Armorer/Colt 1911.ec4244.92 KB
  73. AGI other dvds/Taming Wildcats.ec4245.10 KB
  74. Armorer/Rem 700.ec4245.79 KB
  75. Armorer/M1A armorer.ec4246.09 KB
  76. Armorer/Savage 10 116 bolt action.ec4246.35 KB
  77. Armorer/2015 test text.ec4246.37 KB
  78. Armorer/UZI.ec4246.73 KB
  79. Armorer/Ruger Mini 14.ec4247.07 KB
  80. Armorer/Rem 742.ec4247.19 KB
  81. Armorer/AK47.ec4247.37 KB
  82. Armorer/HK G3.ec4248.31 KB
  83. Armorer/Win 1892 1886.ec4248.74 KB
  84. AGI other dvds/Making Glocks Rock.ec4251.05 KB
  85. Armorer/Marlin 1894 336 Rifles.ec4254.11 KB
  86. Armorer/Win 1873 1866.ec4255.63 KB
  87. Armorer/Thompson Submachine Gun.ec4269.33 KB
  88. Armorer/Browning 1919 A4.ec4271.58 KB
  89. Armorer/SW MP Pistols.ec4274.46 KB
  90. Lathe disc/Lathe 1.ec4287.31 KB
  91. Lathe disc/Lathe 2.ec4287.32 KB
  92. Lathe disc/Lathe 4.ec4287.33 KB
  93. Lathe disc/Lathe 3.ec4287.33 KB
  94. General Machine Shop/General Machine Shop 5.ec4294.35 KB
  95. General Machine Shop/General Machine Shop 3.ec4294.46 KB
  96. AGI other dvds/Calling Coyotes 1.ec4294.59 KB
  97. General Machine Shop/General Machine Shop 4.ec4294.59 KB
  98. General Machine Shop/General Machine Shop 1.ec4295.21 KB
  99. General Machine Shop/General Machine Shop 2.ec4295.46 KB
  100. AGI other dvds/Pro Gun Cleaning.ec4296.02 KB
  101. AGI other dvds/Calling Coyotes 2.ec4296.09 KB
  102. AGI other dvds/Build Custom Mauser.ec4308.31 KB
  103. Armorer/Building Fighting 870 Shotgun.ec4316.57 KB
  104. Build AGI/Building Fighting 870 Shotgun.ec4316.57 KB
  105. Armorer/Lee Enfield Rifles.ec4321.15 KB
  106. Build AGI/10 22 custom build - 1.ec4321.26 KB
  107. Build AGI/10 22 custom build - 2.ec4321.27 KB
  108. AGI other dvds/Tactical Black Metal Finishing.jpg340.04 KB
  109. AGI other dvds/Tactical Black Metal Finishing.ec4450.71 KB
  110. Armorer/agi 2015 base only.ec41.25 MB
  111. Build AGI/Build 2015.ec41.25 MB
  112. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/agi 2015 base only.ec41.25 MB
  113. AGI other dvds/agi old base.ec41.25 MB
  114. AGI other dvds/agi old base (4).ec41.25 MB
  115. AGI other dvds/Stock Refinishing 2016.ec41.32 MB
  116. AGI other dvds/Glass Bedding Rifles 2016.ec41.32 MB
  117. AGI other dvds/moneymakers.ec41.32 MB
  118. AGI other dvds/Slow Rust Blue 2016.ec41.32 MB
  119. AGI other dvds/Pillar Bedding new 2016.ec41.32 MB
  120. AGI other dvds/Metal Re Finishing Hot Bluing.ec41.32 MB
  121. AGI other dvds/Flat Coil new 2016.ec41.32 MB
  122. AGI other dvds/Long Range Shooting new 2016.ec41.32 MB
  123. AGI other dvds/Troubleshooting 1911.ec41.32 MB
  124. AGI other dvds/Troubleshooting 1911 new 2016.ec41.32 MB
  125. AGI other dvds/Buying Collecting Used guns 2016.ec41.33 MB
  126. AGI other dvds/Buying Scopes new 2016.ec41.33 MB
  127. AGI other dvds/Super Tuning Rifle.ec41.33 MB
  128. AGI other dvds/Heat Treat new 2016.ec41.33 MB
  129. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/Pro Gunsmithing Course Introduction.ec41.33 MB
  130. AGI other dvds/Handloading long Range Shooter new 2016.ec41.33 MB
  131. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD11.ec41.33 MB
  132. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD24.ec41.33 MB
  133. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD5.ec41.33 MB
  134. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD7.ec41.33 MB
  135. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD9.ec41.33 MB
  136. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD12.ec41.33 MB
  137. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD13.ec41.33 MB
  138. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD23.ec41.33 MB
  139. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD27.ec41.33 MB
  140. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD17.ec41.33 MB
  141. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD26.ec41.33 MB
  142. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD18.ec41.33 MB
  143. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD6.ec41.33 MB
  144. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD10.ec41.33 MB
  145. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD14.ec41.33 MB
  146. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD22.ec41.33 MB
  147. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD28.ec41.33 MB
  148. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD21.ec41.33 MB
  149. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD8.ec41.33 MB
  150. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD19.ec41.33 MB
  151. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD1.ec41.33 MB
  152. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD2.ec41.33 MB
  153. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD3.ec41.33 MB
  154. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD25.ec41.33 MB
  155. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD20.ec41.33 MB
  156. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD4.ec41.33 MB
  157. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD16.ec41.33 MB
  158. AGI MGS DVD for Epson AAA/DVD15.ec41.34 MB