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Info Hash:
  1. A1. Blew.flac63.80 MB
  2. A2. Floyd The Barber.flac48.83 MB
  3. A3. About A Girl.flac60.75 MB
  4. A4. School.flac57.76 MB
  5. A5. Love Buzz.flac76.44 MB
  6. A6. Paper Cuts.flac84.40 MB
  7. A7. Negative Creep.flac61.53 MB
  8. Album Art/01 cover.jpg2.14 MB
  9. Album Art/02 inside.jpg5.78 MB
  10. Album Art/03 back.jpg785.71 KB
  11. Album Art/04 booklet.jpg1.97 MB
  12. Album Art/05 booklet.jpg2.04 MB
  13. Album Art/06 booklet.jpg2.01 MB
  14. Album Art/07 booklet.jpg1.49 MB
  15. Album Art/08 booklet.jpg1.59 MB
  16. Album Art/09 booklet.jpg2.78 MB
  17. Album Art/10 booklet.jpg2.04 MB
  18. Album Art/11 booklet.jpg1.64 MB
  19. Album Art/12 booklet.jpg2.01 MB
  20. Album Art/13 booklet.jpg4.72 MB
  21. Album Art/14 booklet.jpg2.13 MB
  22. Album Art/15 booklet.jpg1.69 MB
  23. Album Art/16 booklet.jpg1.54 MB
  24. Album Art/17 booklet.jpg1.31 MB
  25. Album Art/18 booklet.jpg1.03 MB
  26. Album Art/19 label a.jpg131.81 KB
  27. Album Art/20 label b.jpg241.54 KB
  28. Album Art/21 label c.jpg110.47 KB
  29. Album Art/22 label d.jpg221.41 KB
  30. B1. Scoff.flac90.00 MB
  31. B2. Swap Meet.flac66.86 MB
  32. B3. Mr. Moustache.flac74.58 MB
  33. B4. Sifting.flac116.00 MB
  34. B5. Big Cheese.flac78.66 MB
  35. B6. Downer.flac37.45 MB
  36. C1. Intro.flac17.09 MB
  37. C2. School.flac61.55 MB
  38. C3. Floyd The Barber.flac50.44 MB
  39. C4. Dive.flac83.70 MB
  40. C5. Love Buzz.flac71.30 MB
  41. C6. Spank Thru.flac67.08 MB
  42. C7. Molly's Lips.flac55.41 MB
  43. cover.png215.14 KB
  44. D1. Sappy.flac75.12 MB
  45. D2. Scoff.flac88.93 MB
  46. D3. About A Girl.flac56.53 MB
  47. D4. Been A Son.flac47.13 MB
  48. D5. Blew.flac101.76 MB