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  1. Celemony Melodyne Studio v5.2.0 macOS [dada].zip183.02 MB
  2. iZotope - Neutron Advanced v3.9.0 macOS [dada].zip827.92 MB
  3. Klevgrand - FX bundle 2022.3 macOS [dada].dmg673.67 MB
  4. Klevgrand - Instruments Bundle 2022.4 macOS [dada].dmg764.72 MB
  5. KORG - ARP Odyssey v1.4.0 macOS [R2R][dada].zip282.35 MB
  6. KORG - MonoPoly v2.3.0 macOS [R2R][dada].zip21.58 MB
  7. KORG - Opsix Native v1.0.1 macOS [R2R][dada].zip295.80 MB
  8. KORG - Polysix v2.3.0 macOS [R2R][dada].zip17.49 MB
  9. KORG - TRITON Extreme v1.0.6 macOS [MORiA][dada].dmg1,015.30 MB
  10. KORG - Wavestate Native v1.0.3 macOS [R2R][dada].zip103.35 MB
  11. KORG_Software Pass v1.1.10 macOS [dada].zip16.32 MB
  12. Logic Pro X 10.7.4 macOS [TNT][dada].dmg1.04 GB
  13. Max 8.3.0 macOS [HCiSO][dada].dmg732.87 MB
  14. Nicky Romero Kickstart 2 macOS [dada].zip12.80 MB
  15. Reveal Sound Spire v1.5.11 macOS [MORiA][dada].dmg594.43 MB
  16. Spectrasonics Bundle macOS [MORiA][dada].dmg299.85 MB
  17. Xfer Records - Cthulhu v124b2 macOS [dada].zip13.42 MB
  18. Xfer Records - LFOTool 1.763 macOS [dada].zip6.95 MB